Headliners    21&Up            Next to Pro-Bowl
3801 N. St. Ph# 936-560-3822

Upcoming Events

For Booking Info:  Call 936-560-3822
  Ask for Mark

Weekly Specials
Mon: $1 16 oz. Drafts, $1.75 Wells
Tues: $3 Pitchers, $1.75 Wells
Wed: $1.50 DOM Longnecks, $1.75 Wells
Thurs:$2 Premium Liquors 9-10pm, $10 Buckets
Fri:$2 & $3 Import Bottles of Beer, $1.75 Wells
Sat:$2 Dice Special, $1.75 Wells

Event Specials:
Friday Night is BAND NIGHT!

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FOR SALE: Long Sleeve Tee Shirts $15

Private Club w/ memberships available

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