10" x 24" or 10" x 30" Prints

Your Panoramic Class Photo is available as 10 x 24 or 10 x 30 inch prints.

This once in a lifetime photograph is printed in full color on Kodak paper.

Each picture has your school's name and
class year printed on the bottom.


Indoor merged to appear Outdoor

We highly recommend lamination on prints this large.

Lamination protects your picture from rips and stains, reduces oxidation, the yellow discoloration that occurs with time, makes it easier to hang on the wall, and keeps photos from sticking to the glass when framed.

Art Frames 

The frames are a silver aluminum art frame with
Plexiglass to protect and enhance your picture.

Our framed print option costs only $15 extra. This is a great value
as it can cost over $50 to purchase framing elsewhere.

PANORAMIC 10"x 24"         $38
PANORAMIC 10"x 30"         $48
(Tax and shipping not included )

Your Panoramic Class Photo is available as
10 x 24 or 10 x 30 inch prints

These prints are available from Vericolor 10" or 11" wide film, printed on 10" paper, and can be as long as 60". A special panoramic camera or a large copy or view camera must be used to shoot these negatives.

School Provides Bleachers, Stadium or Steps

Freshman Crazy and Regular
Sophomore Crazy and Regular
Junior Crazy and Regular
Senior Crazy and Regular

Then before school lets out The Entire Class

1.  No collection of money, tracking or handling of photos
2.  No charge to show and shoot schools
3.  Photos available online next day for viewing and orders
4.  Prints shipped direct to customer and easy to order online.
5. We accept checks and credit cards online.
6.  School may collect a fund raising sitting fee of up to $10 for
    bleachers, fund raising for prom, dance, school trips or equipment!


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